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CIT Cervices, LLC was created in 2008 by Donald Peters and existed as a 1 person Connecticut LLC until Donald retired in 2019 and moved to Ukraine.  In March 2022 war came to Ukraine and the big tech companies and Fortune 500 companies abandoned Ukraine like a bunch of chickens in a hen house invaded by a coyote.  IT was the only non agricultural bright spot in the Ukrainian economy after COVID destroyed the tourist industry and now it too has been decimated.  Western governments have responded with weapons of war and charity handouts.  Few of the refugees have the language skills to do more than menial work so we have thousands Ukrainian college graduates in Europe washing dishes and cleaning apartments.  The IT jobs have mostly gone to India and are not coming back anytime soon.   We think that this is a tragedy almost as bad as the war itself.  But unlike the war, this is something we can change for the better.

We expect to incorporate again as a South Dakota LLC but our structure will not be conventional.  We plan to be a team rather than a top down organization.  If you choose to be our customer you will talk to our SEO lead for promoting your business, our lead Designer for design and out lead Developer for coding and development.  If you need all 3 services, you will get 3 separate proposals and when work starts you will get 3 separate invoices.

We hope and expect that this is a win-win for everyone.  You get quality service and deliverables at a substantial discount over industry rates.  Ukraine gets jobs and revenue.  The proud and historically self sufficient people of Ukraine get their human dignity back with a real job rather than a handout.  But this is all dependent on you, dependent on you taking a risk on working with a startup IT company in Kyiv Ukraine.  Lets make it a win-win, OK?  Email us and lets get started!

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Katie is our lead Search Engine Optimization partner.  She has an aeronautical engineering degree from the National Aerospace University in Kharkiv Ukraine and is therefore also our rocket scientist.  Katie lived in Alaska for a year as a teenager and is fluent in both English and German in addition to her native Russian and Ukrainian.  The picture is a good description of her personality.

Iryna is our lead Graphic Designer.  She has a degree from the National University of Food Technologies in Kyiv which may seem like an odd path to a career in the artistic wing of Information Technology.  But worldwide, many of the best IT professionals arrive on unusual paths.  Iryna is fluent in English and the presentation of your website or softare application may surprise you.  This website is her design and the theme of the teamwork of wild geese was only briefly part of CIT's original website designed 10 years previously.

Donald is out lead Developer.  He has a degree in electronics design and started his career designing computer hardware and programming it in assembler and later C.  He is a certified Java programmer but has spent the last 8 years working primarily in C# and SQL.  Don has lived full time in Kyiv Ukraine for 4 years and this is his second active war experience.  Don started CIT Services in 2008 as an LLC but had been retired since 2019.  He is a computer nerd but also an entrepreneur and rule breaker.

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