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Email is the best way to contact us.  After an introduction we can switch to Telegram or another open source secure messaging service.
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We believe our task is to deliver value to our customers and jobs to people that have been stepped on by geopolitics and stabbed in the back by big tech.  We are asking for due diligence in investigating us and the value we can provide to you.

Pricing, billed weekly:

  • Design, Website or App: $30/hour
  • Website Development: $25/hour
  • Software Development: $30/hour
  • Search Engine Optimization: $20/hour
  • Online Store Maintenance: $20/hour
  • Other Business Services: Ask

We are not yet incorporated and do not yet have a US Bank account.  When we do, you will direct deposit to this account.  Small customers can pay via PayPal or transfer from a credit card to our credit card using a service such as We cannot accept paper checks.

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