Software Development and Website Design for Enfield CT and New England

Video Recording and Production too, (860) 265-8046

CIT develops custom business software solutions using ASP.NET and SQL Databases.  We also design websites.

We have made a little flight.  CIT is now in Kiev, Ukraine AND in the USA 3 months each year.

Website design can be done from anywhere if you can take pictures or wait for our tri-annual trips to the USA.

Software development can also be done remotely.  We are directly on fiber in Kiev at 5-10 times faster than typical Internet speeds in the USA.  We also have a test server in Kiev and a hosting virtual server in the USA (both running Microsoft Windows Server).

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We have redesigned our business.  Welcome back!

We are selective about new customers.  We deliver excellence at excellent prices.  BUT, you must be flexible because we are no longer in the USA, CIT is now in Kiev, Ukraine.

Normally outsourcing to Ukraine or for that matter Asia is problematic because of language and cultural issues.  You won't encounter such difficulties with CIT because our owner, Don, is an American citizen with English as a first language.  Instead you will get the benefits of low cost outsourcing and the benefits of highly educated software engineers.

Yes we also do professional video recording and production.

  • Website Design, Development and Promotion

    Design is choosing a theme, a color scheme, fonts and appearance.  It is also about choosing a target audience.

    Development is coding to meet the design goals.  There is considerable overlap between design, development and promotion.

    • Websites that are poorly coded cannot meet promotion or design standards.  Websites that don't meet standards are ignored by customers and often ignored by Google.

    • A design should be practical and within budget.

    • Design, Development and Search Engine Optimization (promotion) are not standalone sections of a website.  It should be an iterative process.

  • Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and a good business card is not enough to run a successful business of any size.

    We can deliver the custom software that almost all businesses need.

    Our specialties are ASP.NET with C# and Microsoft SQL Server but we can deliver niche solutions.

    Our goal is to deliver solid and secure systems, not a cheap App and not something that gets anyone out of bed in the middle of the night.  Business is not a game and you, as a businessperson, should think twice about contracting with a company that uses tools designed for cheap mobile apps or video games.  ASP.NET and Java, SQL Server and Oracle are all business grade development tools.

  • The announcement that we have started your new website or software development project should be here. 

    Why don't you contact us and we can get started?

    Why procrastinate?

    Why pay too much for too little?