What good is a beautiful website if no one can find it?  Google, Bing and the others all operate by a key concept called "Importance".  An Important website will be ranked higher in searches than another that is less Important.  Here we explain what it takes to be Important.

Important websites are those whose owners and designers have invested heavily in.  If you buy a WordPress Template, Google immediately knows that your website or your business are not very important.  You have therefore already lost all credibility with Google.

Importance factors, not necessarily in this order, include:

  • Visitors:   A website with 50 daily visitors is more important than one that has 2 visitors.
  • Size:  A 10 page website is generally more important than a 2 page website.  A website page with 30 sentences of content and 5 pictures is generally more important than one that has 1 picture and 2 sentences.
  • References:  Links are references, someone is vouching for your website when they link to it.  If that someone is "Important" in Google's database then that link will be worth a lot.  If that someone is not-so-important in Google's database, then that link is worth very little.  If Google thinks you are scamming the system with paid links or not-relevant links, that link has negative worth.
  • Age:  Sorry kids, in real life old people are generally worth more (richer) than young people.  The same holds true for websites, all other things being the same a 2 year old website will rank better than a 2 month old website.
  • Unique Content:  If Google thinks your website is performing a community service by informing people about what they want to know, your website will be important.  But if your website only says "I am great, buy this:" with no explanation of why, then you may not do as well.
  • Technical Cleanliness:  If your website is a mess with syntax errors, deprecated commands and other mistakes, don't expect Google to think it is important just because it looks good to you.  Remember, although a real person at Google may look at your website, most of the indexing and ranking is done by a computer.  If your mistakes prevent that computer from properly indexing your website, don't expect to be ranked well.
  • Change Frequency:  If no one has made any changes to your website in 2 years, how important can it be?
  • Authentication:  A website signed by a designer who has a history of creating clean and non-spammy websites is worth more in Google's algorithm.  Reputation is important.
  • Speed:   A fast website is more important than a slow one, so don't skimp on hosting.  If you are hosting on a slow overloaded server at one of the big hosting companies, Google will know.

SEO is a labor intensive art.  You also can't do a Google search on SEO and learn how to do it.  But, we already know how and our time costs less than yours!

SEO is just 1 of many topics that will bring visitors to your website.  Our advice is simple - hire an experienced vendor - like us!