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Local Website Design and Custom Software Development in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

We provide a wide variety of computer services to small businesses in CT and Western MA

Our focus is business grade software development.  We don't design games or consumer applications.  We design and develop Applications for Businesses.

Some people think that their business is too small for custom software development.  If you have 2 or more employees, you are not too small.

Some people think that custom software development is too expensive and won't work as designed. Unfortunately they are too often correct.  Most software development companies will charge you for a manager, a business analyst, a designer, 2 developers and a tester.  The designer and the 2 developers will both be in India but they will never meet each other and none will understand what the customer (you) wants or what the business analyst told them to build.  So, in most situations, custom software development is indeed too expensive and won't work as promised.

CIT Services is different.  We don't outsource to India.  Period.  Everyone talks to each other at least every other day.  You will be amazed by what 2 experienced and competent people can accomplish.  There is a proverb in Information Technology that goes something like: "1 good designer/developer is better than 2 ordinary ones". It is not true. 3-5 is more accurate.  Your good fortune is that 1 good designer developer costs a lot less than 3-5 ordinary ones.

ASP.NET Website Development, HTML5

Some people think that a website should be a glorified business card.  We think it can be much more.

Some people think that they can design an effective website themselves.  These people think their time is worthless and they will get an almost worthless website while neglecting their business.

CIT Services designs websites that get found and noticed.  Found in Google, noticed by customers.  Proof?  You found us, didn't you?