Please let me ask you a few questions:

If you are seriously sick or injured, do you go into the internet and search for a cure?  Or do you find professional medical care as soon as possible?   If you are in serious legal trouble, do you go to court and represent yourself?  Or do you find professional legal counsel?

Are you an expert on everything?  Do you have unlimited time to learn information technology?

If you are a reasonable person regarding any of these questions, why would you consider creating your own website?

Visiting the casino is not an effective business plan.  Neither is designing your own website.  We hope that you found this website before you wasted your time and lost customers on a free WordPress or other self-designed website.  But if you have learned a painful lesson.  If you would like to know why, continue reading below.  Otherwise lets move on, go to our contact page and lets get started on an effective website.

A website is supposed to find new customers for you.  Occasionally a business may already be well known but most businesses need to be found by people looking for the goods or services that business provides.  Being found on the internet is the art (or science) called Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

After a prospective customer has found your website, you need to convince them to contact you.  This is why you do not want a generic website that looks almost the same and says almost the same things as your competition's websites.  This is why you want a local website designer who understands business and will take the time to meet with you and discuss your business requirements.

Lets continue with SEO. It is how to be found in Google and to a lesser extent in Bing and Yahoo:

  • Your website needs to be signed by a designer that Google recognizes.  If you don't have a Google account, you can't sign it.  If this is one of your first wigned websites, Google will not trust the signature.  There are, after all, many websites that have been hacked and contain malware.  Google does not want to send people to such websites otherwise no one will trust Google.

  • Your website needs to be syntactically clean.  Most WordPress and other free websites are not syntactically clean.  It is as if you were applying to be a journalist at the New York Times.  You ought to use a spell checker on your resume.

  • You need a consistent message which is what people will search for in Google.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will help you choose and implement this message.

  • You need references, also known as links.  CIT, unlike most design companies, provides a few to get you started.  If you need a lot of references, we offer an enhanced SEO service.

  • You need website visitors so that Google thinks your website is important.  Until you have visitors, you will not be found in Google searches so you will get very few visitors.  CIT has a solution for this Catch-22 situation.

Thanks.  Contact us, please.



Lead.  Don't get lost in the crowd.